Apex Skills Group Management Approach to Quality Control
Apex Skills Group, Inc. (APEX) is committed to serving as the trusted agent for services under Seaport-e. The APEX Team has established an excellent working relationship while providing a high level of support annually to the Navy. APEX will deliver cost savings through innovative management using best practices proven across our client base.

The APEX Team combines the tools, experience and resources needed to ensure that the Warfare Centers receive the timely and credible professional services they need at the lowest possible cost. We will provide these services within and across the divisions using continual process improvements and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) techniques widely used across the Fortune 500 and major Government agencies. We will also introduce e-business technology, paperless Task Order (TO) processing, state-of-the-art management tools and cost-savings measures to provide a low-risk solution on all Warfare TO’s.

1.1 The APEX Quality Control Management Approach
APEX’s proactive management philosophy provides the Warfare Centers with reliable, cost-effective, and value-added services. Our management philosophy and team approach includes several key elements. Ellen Endicott will act as the APEX Program Manager for this contract.

APEX will designate a single Division Manager (DM) for each Warfare Center division to ensure customer advocacy is represented in the IDIQ management team.

We will assign Task Managers (TM) to direct work performed in response to each TO. All TM’s will be directly responsible to one of the DM’s for performance. This arrangement will allow for maximum control at the local level.

We will manage TO’s rigorously using state-of-the-art tools. The APEX Team will use a series of formal processes supported by Web-enabled tools to plan and estimate work, establish baselines and metrics, monitor performance, analyze variances, develop corrective actions, and make status reports available to all stakeholders, including subcontractors and clients.

1.2 Approach to Mold, Manage, and Maintain this Effort

1.2.1 Capability to Manage the Effort
We will apply techniques of centralized management control and local division performance to manage our Team in the most cost-effective manner. State-of-the-art management tools support these techniques, giving our managers a view of performance against TO requirements.

1.2.2 Ability to Manage Change and Maintain Technical Workforce Expertise
The APEX Team is composed of highly educated and experienced professional who currently support some of NAVSEA’s most challenging programs. These proven top performers actively participate in all aspects of acquisition management across the spectrum of services. APEX Team members use the latest technology in the form of commercially proven, high performance tools and processes. This combination of qualifications, contemporary experience, tools, and processes, position the APEX Team to consistently provide the Warfare Center customer with timely, accurate, effective solutions in response to complex acquisition challenges, at the lowest possible cost.

The APEX PMO will develop metrics and staffing plans to monitor the workforce needs and enable the PMO to proactively manage change as the needs of the APEX Team change to meet those of the Warfare Centers. The APEX Team members have successfully demonstrated flexibility by adjusting the services our team delivered to anticipate the impact of reorganization of the Navy’s support structure, acquisition reforms, insertion of developing techniques, and the expansion and contraction of Navy programs. We understand and are committed to providing continuous, responsive support in a changing environment.

1.2.3 Ability to Monitor and Maximize Quality
APEX will use and ISO-compliant QAP that we will tailor to ensure that all deliverables will conform to format and content standards and will reflect a technical level of excellence that meets or exceeds each client’s expectations. In keeping with fundamental ISO principles, the APEX Team will ensure customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, systems approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision-making and mutually beneficial subcontractor relationships.

We will tailor our QAP to provide the Warfare Centers with finished products on time, responsive client needs, and fully compliant with the terms and conditions of the SeaPort Enhanced Contract.

1.3 Approach to Guarantee Responsiveness to and Cooperation with Customers
The APEX Team will rely on a deep commitment to professionalism that is demonstrated in our technical and management efforts. Reinforcing this professionalism, we provide our employees with the financial and career-enhancing incentives to succeed. In every case, we will define success by the satisfied Warfare Center’s willingness to entrust us with another TO.
The APEX PM will responsible for responsiveness and cooperation for the entire team. The TM for each subcontractor is responsible for the responsiveness and cooperation of his or her company and employees for the assigned TO. We will incorporate feedback into APEX’s monthly internal performance status review, share it with appropriate subcontractors, and factor it into incentive programs. APEX employee incentives are described in the Compensation Plan included in our original Seaport-e proposal. We will work closely with our subcontractors to develop incentives that recognize and reward exceptional responsiveness and cooperation with our customers.

1.4 Approach to Problem Resolution
Despite our best efforts to assess, prioritize, and mitigate risks, problems may occur. Our approach based upon a shared, collaborative knowledge environment enabling continuous assessment of performance, cost, and schedule will help identify problem for early mitigation. Working-level TM’s will be personally responsible for problem identification and resolution within their areas, with immediate escalation to the APEX Team DM and PM if resolution is not achieved quickly and effectively. Similarly, the Warfare Centers will have online access to the TO execution data and will be encouraged to register performance concerns to their APEX Team counterparts. TM’s, DM’s, or the PM. This continuous assessment approach is not in lieu of periodic or event-driven reviews. However, it reduces the level of effort and cost associated with traditional reviews. The spectrum of anticipated problems included performance, schedule, communications, personnel, and scope.

1.4.1 Performance Problems
TM’s are the first line of defense against performance problems. Our APEX PM will review all work weekly on an exception basis and will require that each TM provide and updated list of any technical problems encountered in TO performance and assess progress toward problem resolution. Each performance issue will be entered in the IDE Action Item database and tracked until complete.

1.4.2 Schedule Problems
The assigned TM is responsible for meeting TO schedules and will inform the DM regarding schedule risk. The PM will review any schedule risks with the DM weekly, plan corrective action, and assess progress toward resolution. Our Earned Value Management System (EVMS) techniques help us to identify schedule risks.

1.4.3 Communication Problems
Timely and accurate communication between the APEX Team and our customers is critical to successful performance. Our shred collaborative knowledge environment will provide all participants with a single repository of program information. The Pm will provide guidance for regular meetings at the division and task level.

1.4.4 Personnel Problems
Our PM and TM’s are trained to be alert to potential personnel problems including work performance, attendance, and family matters. When necessary, the manager will refer the employee to the Human Resources office for further discussions. The PM is authorized to remove an employee from the TO. When this occurs, we will inform all concerned parties of the circumstance and assign replacements as quickly as possible. We are committed to provide each employee with the resources to succeed.

1.4.5 FPPB Scope Problems
The APEX Team is committed to achieving savings in each subsequent year or performance on multiyear FPPB tasks. The most significant source of FPPM problems is scope growth. Scope growth is best dealt with preemptively by clearly written TOs, a mutual understanding of the anticipated scope at award, and a bilateral commitment to the discipline required to resist work scope. All of our TM’s will be trained in earned Value Management and monitored for adherence to contracted work scope. APEX uses a Basis of Estimate (BOE) model to develop TO estimated which contain a complete Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the anticipated scope of the TO being estimated. We will align this WBS with an Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) to create organizational efficiencies. The PM will provide our BOE, WBS to the COR at ward of all multiyear TOs to establish a common baseline for subsequent years of performance.

1.5 Summary
APEX Team partners have more than five years of experience managing consecutive IDIQ contacts delivering quality support to the Warfare Centers and NAVSEA. Our Team is committed to serve as the trusted agent for services in a changing naval acquisition. We are driven by the promise of shared success for both our Team and the Warfare Centers.