EMT-Basic – 144 Classroom Hours + 10 Clinical / Field rotations (4 yr. certification)

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The Emergency Medical Technician  (EMT) certification program is designed to train an individual to function independently in a medical emergency.  This course provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to deliver Basic Life Support (BLS) care and is required to progress to more advanced levels of pre-hospital patient care.

Virginia certification requires successful completion of a standardized cognitive and psychomotor skills examination.  This course is designed to train individuals to serve as a vital link in the chain of the health care team.  This includes all skills necessary to provide emergency medical care as an attendant-in-charge with a basic life support ambulance service or other specialized rescue service. Upon successfully completion of the training program, the student will be capable of performing the following functions:

  1. Recognize the nature and seriousness of the patient’s condition or extent of injury to assess requirements for emergency care;
  2. Administer appropriate emergency care to stabilize the patient’s condition; and 
  3. Lift, move, position and otherwise handle the patient in a way as to minimize discomfort and further injury.

Note: To be eligible to attend this course, the state of Virginia requires you must:

  1. Be proficient in reading, writing and speaking the English language;
  2. Be a minimum of 16 years of age at the beginning date of the certification course; 
  3. Have no physical or mental impairment that would render them unable to perform all cognitive and psychomotor skills required for that level of certification;
  4. Hold current CPR certification at the beginning date of the course;
  5. Have never been convicted of a felony under the laws of this State or of the United States;
  6. Have never been founded on Child, Domestic or Elderly Abuse; and
  7. Have never had an EMS License or Certificate revoked or suspended by any certifying agency.